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Before blogging on wordpress, I used to have two personal blogs. One was a Yahoo blog. What I did was simply sharing my daily activities, personal thoughts about a random arts work, critiques on a football match, or a bunch of hilarious Youtube videos. The other was an edublog, which was created as a part of my school assessment. This one was quite similar to this wordpress blog. Every week, I wrote about my own views about the readings and some interesting news stories about new media. Once I finished the course, my online writing routine was broken off. I then reckoned that giving up blogging was my big mistake.


Personally, blogging is a good way of social and interpersonal communication. Whether it can be a memoir of leisure activities, a medley of videos, pictures, short stories, poems, paintings, or a record of personal thoughts about news stories or happenings, blog pursuits as an innovative tool in nowadays changing social contexts. When we blog, we actually share our own thoughts about what we see, hear, read, and listen to.

This week’s readings provide a deeper and wider grasp of blog. In other words, these articles answer the question of why we blog. The rise of the blog identifies that some bloggers direct to small audiences, others aim to achieve wide fame become the focus of consumer campaign. In Blogging in the global lunchroomGeoffrey Nunberg through his journalistic perspectives, critically considers blog as ‘a democratic form of expression’. He adds that languages used in blog mostly are informal, impertinent, and digressive. One of the main reasons of this matter, I think, lies in the nature of blogging is personal viewpoints about things. Informal tone is unavoidable in this case.



I will come back to the point that I made before about the importance of blog. For me, as a media student, blogging is a good way of enhancing writing skills and online design. When I start to blog, I read more and write more. Thanks to blogging, I have discovered many other interesting things from my friends’ blogs. I believe that these reasons are strong enough to explain why I am blogging.