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Readings of this week bring many interesting viewpoints that spin around the rise of blogging and the death of newspapers.

1. Rupert Murdoch\’s view on the role of newspaper in the digital age

In the speech, Rupert Murdoch aims to address the decline of printed news consumption and the rise of online news through a range of actual evidence. It’s undeniable that in recent times, young people prefer to get information through the web than read newspapers due to the convenience and updating of online news. The interesting point in Murdoch speech, I think, is his though about the role of journalists in providing information for young readers, who want faster news delivered by distinctive ways. He says that editors and journalists use the internet as a great tool to deliver news. Journalists are media actors, who have ‘the experience, the brands, the resources, and the know-how to get it done’. The challenge for all news websites, according to Murdoch, is how to get a room in the internet traffic. The answer is media practitioners need to bring to their readers more compelling and relevant content with deep local news and relevant national and international news. Also, a blend of commentary and debate, or gossip and humor can reshape the presence of a news web page.

2. Journalists’ Professionalism

Rowan Williams\’ article focuses on the credibility of online materials. He says that it is a challenge for media practitioners in the digital age to balance the professionalism of traditional media and online communication. Williams also raises an issue about the responsibility of the media for the quality of communication in a society. Williams also brings Steven Johnson‘s viewpoint on the article to argue that compared to works twenty years ago, news now ‘doesn’t guarantee an imaginative depth, a sense of knowledge as tied in with processes that take time’.


Before blogging on wordpress, I used to have two personal blogs. One was a Yahoo blog. What I did was simply sharing my daily activities, personal thoughts about a random arts work, critiques on a football match, or a bunch of hilarious Youtube videos. The other was an edublog, which was created as a part of my school assessment. This one was quite similar to this wordpress blog. Every week, I wrote about my own views about the readings and some interesting news stories about new media. Once I finished the course, my online writing routine was broken off. I then reckoned that giving up blogging was my big mistake.


Personally, blogging is a good way of social and interpersonal communication. Whether it can be a memoir of leisure activities, a medley of videos, pictures, short stories, poems, paintings, or a record of personal thoughts about news stories or happenings, blog pursuits as an innovative tool in nowadays changing social contexts. When we blog, we actually share our own thoughts about what we see, hear, read, and listen to.

This week’s readings provide a deeper and wider grasp of blog. In other words, these articles answer the question of why we blog. The rise of the blog identifies that some bloggers direct to small audiences, others aim to achieve wide fame become the focus of consumer campaign. In Blogging in the global lunchroomGeoffrey Nunberg through his journalistic perspectives, critically considers blog as ‘a democratic form of expression’. He adds that languages used in blog mostly are informal, impertinent, and digressive. One of the main reasons of this matter, I think, lies in the nature of blogging is personal viewpoints about things. Informal tone is unavoidable in this case.



I will come back to the point that I made before about the importance of blog. For me, as a media student, blogging is a good way of enhancing writing skills and online design. When I start to blog, I read more and write more. Thanks to blogging, I have discovered many other interesting things from my friends’ blogs. I believe that these reasons are strong enough to explain why I am blogging.