A new wave of media tools

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Wordle: Week 1 reading

This week readings look at the impact of media tools on the distribution of media content.

The first reading impressed me by the explanation of how Google takes control over content distribution. Karp explains how Google works. We all know the importance of Google in researching. And now we all comprehend that Google has become a powerful tool in distributing media content through ‘links’. Here, Google is regarded as a transacting tool to deliver the web links to the web users through its search engine.

Vogelstein in the second reading discusses the distinction between Google’s version and Facebook’s version. The writer highlights that Facebook has been a huge source of personal identity. Clearly, the kinds of material that we tend to find through Google and that we find from Facebook somehow are different. Through Facebook, we tend to find something more personal and specific but through Google, we tend to search for something general.

In the third reading, Roth tells an interesting story about the success of Demand Media. Through this story, the writer aims to deliver an implication about how Demand Media works effectively. The company uses three sources: search terms, the ad market, and the competition as a key formula. The point here is that Demand Media understand what web users and advertisers need.

Through these three readings, I found there are a number of web tools play a vital role in the distribution of media content.


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